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Welcome to Atlanta Doodles, we are breeders of Australian Multi-generational Labradoodles.  Atlanta Doodles was found by Stephanie and JR Martin.  We are the Premier Australian Labradoodle Breeder in Atlanta GA.  We started breeding Labradoodles in 2001, after meeting with the Australian founders of the breed at a breeder’s forum in Chicago.  We fully test all of our dogs and are not a kennel or backyard breeder.  All of our dogs are raised in our home and are a part of our family.  We are located east of Atlanta, less than 7 miles from Stone Mountain Park.  We have 5 beautifully wooded acres, including a stream, and plenty of play area for our furry family members.  Our dogs go on family camping trips, to our house on Lake Hartwell, to middle/high school football games, and are constantly our shadows wherever else the road take us.


We have always had an interest in Australian Labradoodles and in the timing could not be better to embark in this direction.  With 4 years of successful American Labradoodle Breeding under our belt we are captivated by our Multi-Generational Australian Labradoodle Female – ‘Jersey Girl’ and our Miniature Multi-Generational Australian Labradoodle Males – ‘Mac’ and ‘Copper’.  They were just the beginning to a wonderful program, as we have added over 14 others since 2007.  We are very blessed to have had the opportunity to work with both American and Australian lines and breeders both locally and internationally.  It has given us the expertise to know what we are looking for in our breeding program.


Since the beginning of our program we are very attentive to our dogs in order to devote the proper amount of time to each of our dogs and slowly and reverently with the Best Australian Labradoodle Program in the United States.  We have chosen the best dogs possible, having at the top of our criteria:  Temperament, Health Testing, Soundness and Confirmation.  We breed miniature and medium Australian Ladradoodles.  Atlanta Doodles adheres to a strict Code of Ethics and will always look to promote the health of the breed above all.


Labradoodles are for all families looking to add a family member not just a dog to the mix.  But especially for those families that suffer from allergies and asthma and never thought it possible to have a dog in your home – This is your breed!  We will take your special needs and specific criteria into consideration when matching a puppy to your family.



We have 3 litters

Addie and Dooley  

Bella and Connor

Clover (aka CowPig) and Dooley

Taking reservations on all 3 litters.


Black Boy - weight 1 lb 14.5 oz  Caramel with white mis-marks, all 4 feet white, chest white, and white on face

Red Boy - weight 1 lb 15 oz  Caramel with just toes white

Dk Green Boy - weight 2 lbs 7.5 oz  Caramel (curly fleece coat)

Lt Blue Boy - weight 2 lbs 2.5 oz Light Caramel/Apricot, white on toes.

Pink Girl - weight 1 lb 14.5 oz Caramel with white mis-marks (toes, tip of tail, and face)

Yellow Girl - weight 2 lb 1.5 oz The only red in this litter

Purple Girl - weight 2 lb .5 oz  Caramel with white mis-marks (toes and face)

Orange Girl - weight 1 lb 15.5 oz  Caramel Lime Girl - weight 2 lb 5.5 oz  Caramel / apricot

Navy Girl - weight 1 lb 14.5 oz  Caramel with curly coat

Teal Girl - weight 2 lb 1 oz  Caramel with white mis-marks (toes and chin)



Bella and Connor

Yellow Girl - Birth weight 8.5 oz, weight today 1 lb 5 oz, chocolate/white parti girl

Pink Girl - Birth weight 6.5 oz, weight today 1 lb 1 oz, chocolate girl

Lt Blue Boy - Birth weight 6 oz, weight today 1 lb .5 oz, caramel boy

Red Boy - Birth weight 4 oz, weight today 10 oz, caramel/white parti boy

Black Boy - Birth weight 4 oz, weight today 12.5 oz, caramel/white parti boy

Purple Girl - Birth weight 5 oz, weight today 13 oz, chocolate/white parti girl

Orange Boy - Birth weight 6.5 oz, weight today 1 lb 1 oz, caramel boy

Lime Boy - Birth weight 5 oz, weight today 15 oz, caramel boy

Teal Girl - Birth weight 5.5 oz, weight today 14.5 oz, chocolate girl

Navy Boy - Birth weight 6.5 oz, weight today 15 oz, chocolate Boy

This litter is rainbow, rarely do we have such a variety of colors.


Clover and Dooley

Clover is nicknamed 'CowPig' because our little girl looked like a little Chic-fil-a cow when she was born and sounded like a little pig when she first started to bark.  The nickname has stuck.

Yellow Girl - Birth weight 8.5 oz, weight today 11.5 oz, cream girl

Red Boy - Birth weight 7.5 oz, weight today 12 oz, chocolate/white parti boy

Pink Girl - Birth weight 5 oz, weight today 8.5 oz, cream girl

Teal Girl - Birth weight 5.5 oz, weight today 8.5 oz, chocolate/white parti girl

Purple Girl - Birth weight 7 oz, weight today 10 oz, chocolate girl

Lime Girl - Birth weight 6.5 oz, weight today 9.5 oz, chocolate with white mis-marks (belly, feet, and chin/nose) girl

Black Girl - Birth weight 7.5 oz, weight today 12 oz, caramel girl

Orange Girl - Birth weight 7.5 oz, weight today 9.5 oz, chocolate/white parti girl




Atlanta Doodles price for a pet companion puppy is $2500.   Deposit of $300 (made payable to Stephanie Martin) and completed application is required to be added to the waitlist.   Puppy selection is scheduled in the same order as deposits received.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call 770-982-1594 or email us at atlantadoodles@hotmail.com

Atlanta Doodles Guardian Page

Call 770-982-1594 now to reserve your spot on one of these waitlists. 



What you will receive with every puppy from Atlanta Doodles:

*24 month health warranty ( see contract for specifics)

*Registration and Pedigree (membership with ALAA is required for transfer)

*Microchip and Chip ID Tag

*Health Record of all Vaccinations, Vet check-ups, and preventative schedules

*Puppy Notebook, including sample puppy schedule, training tips, health info, etc

*Socialization with children and other dogs

*And a lifetime of Doodle Support and Friendship



Thank you for visiting Atlanta Doodles.  We love to talk doodles and invite you to contact us with your questions, we will assist you as much as possible.


"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole” Roger Caras

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