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Doodle Tales

Our Doll - Oliver

Oliver is the best dog and we LOVE him dearly. He has a wonderful sense of humor - that may sound strange, but he really does!

He has really bonded with our children Maddie and Conner - but he's crazy about Maddie. She has been the one to train him to sit and stay when it is time to get a treat - probably why they have bonded closer. He allows her to dress him up in doll hats, scarves and a feather boa - wish I had gotten pictures of that! Maddie wasn't even that mad at him this summer when he ate 2 pairs of her flip flops in one week. She has learned to put them away now.


Harley goes to school

Harley turned 5 months old this week, and went to school today. My little girls wanted to show him off, and we ended up on the playground with approximately 100 3rd and 4th graders, all wanting to touch and play with him! Harley was surrounded and touched, simultaneously by as many little hands as could reach him. He laid down, relaxed, and never once barked or made any sounds to indicate he wasn't enjoying the attention. As a matter of fact, he loved it! He was more than ready to run around with the the kids, but I wouldn't let him.

This dog has an amazingly calm and genteel disposition. He is as smart a dog as I ever knew, and no one who meets him doesn't like him. He grows on us, and in our hearts on a daily basis.

Jonathan Shaw

Everyone that meets Leo falls in love

Leo joined our family just a little over a year ago, now we can't imagine life without him. He's just one of the kids (and he thinks so too). I couldn't believe how well Leo did on the flight from Atlanta to Memphis when we were bringing him home. We even got bumped up to first class and he had his own seat. From that first day, I knew he was a sweetheart. Not one bark the whole trip -- even when he went through x-ray! The flight attendants fell in love -- I think that's why we got first class! Actually, everyone that meets Leo falls in love. The trainer wanted to buy him, the groomer says he's one of the sweetest dogs they have, and the vet says he has the perfect disposition for a family with children. And smart! He even rings a bell to go outside to potty -- and it only took a day to train him on that! He just has to be around people -- so loving. Swim in the lake, pool party? He's right in the mix -- we had to start closing the bathroom door just so he wouldn't hop in the bath every time we ran the water! When the kids lay down for a nap, he's right there to protect them. Leo has never once been aggressive toward a person (only barking through the window to "protect" his family --- if anyone ever came in off the street, I think he would just lick them to death). He's our baby!

By the way, he continues to be incredibly sweet and loving. The kids can lay on him and hug him (sometimes too hard) and he takes it all. He has never nipped, growled or bitten (besides the puppy stage bites). The vet even commented on how sweet and loving he was. Last week he cut his paw pad on a piece of glass when we were outside. He had to go get fixed up at the vet. The entire time the vet was poking around his paw, he never growled or nipped at anyone. I couldn't believe how good he was.

We've even talked about possibly getting a doodle friend for him in a year or so!



Thought you might like some updated pictures of Bailey. He's doing well and goes in for another shot tomorrow. I think he weighs about 30 lbs now. He's wonderful! Do you have any updated pictures of his siblings?

He is the PERFECT dog

All we can say about Diesel - He is the PERFECT dog. He is extremely calm, but funny and playful with the kids. He is very obedient. He was house trained before 5 months. He knows these commands: sit, stay, lie down, shake, come, go out and treat! He is very loyal to his family, but loves everyone. He barks to announce visitors, but just wags his tail when they come in the house. He does not shed at all, and is very low maintenance - other than some regular grooming.

We cannot say enough about Diesel! He is full of personality, and brings great joy to our whole family every day!

My search for the perfect dog

I have always been a serious dog lover, and I studiously research breeds. I even watch all of the Dog Shows including Westminster and the Eukanuba Tournament of Champions. So I have always wanted the perfect blend of the intelligence and non shedding aspect of the poodle, with the happy go lucky personality of a lab. Eureka …. The labradoodle fit the bill. Only a little less important is how much fun it is to say the word “LABRADOODLE”.

Well, I began my search for a doodle long before my older dog died. She was failing for a long time, and we even had to give her an IV every night for her kidney failure. So, when my beloved Alaska finally died, I was all set. All I needed to do was to find the dog. I had all kinds of requirements, (colors, size, and coat) but I couldn’t see getting a dog from Australia, and for so much money. So, I scoured the USA and lo and behold, I came upon the Doodle House. I spent many hours on the phone with Shannon, researching the puppies’ personalities and looks, and I think she probably learned a lesson from how obsessed I was. I actually became afraid that she might not sell one of her pups to me because of my numerous requests. We finally brought home our 4 pound ball of fluff, (who, incidentally, met none of my strict requirements) but wormed her way into everybody’s heart. She was pretty much an angel for the first few weeks. I got every book on raising the perfect puppy, but time was short. There is only so much training one can do when they work during the day. She definitely went through her terrible two’s and her teenage rebellion, but there is nothing more endearing than when she has stolen a pair of my son’s socks and proudly brings the smelly things to me. Then she gets this look in her eye (with the sock hanging out of her mouth), like, “What? What’s the matter? Don’t you like it when I bring things to you?” And she drops the sock at my feet.

We have done a lot of training with her, because she is highly spirited and no longer 4 pounds, but it is so rewarding, and she is settling in nicely. She now weighs 45 pounds (I think that is the end of her growth), and she is leaning self control. She can sit, down, stay, heel, come, stand, wait, take a bow, speak, touch (with her paw), and target (with her nose). She is learning rolling over and “settle down”. She loves to go to the doggie park, and her best friend is our kitten who she tends to drag around the house. As I type this, she is sitting at my side with her paw occasionally placed in my lap to remind me of her presence. She snuggles up between my husband and I every night, sometimes even with her head on the pillow. I have learned that there is a perfect dog, and that is any one that you love and that loves you… and my Snickers is that dog.

Can't say enough good things about the dogs (yes, two!) I got from the doodle house. Two years ago we got Leo, an F1B (his mom is Mopsie, the one that just had another litter). He is, and I'm not overstating this, the PERFECT dog. The vet says he's perfect, the trainer wanted to buy him, and people stop all the time to tell us how beautiful he is. He is about to be trained as a therapy dog that visits kids in hospital and goes to schools with me to read w/ other children. My husband has light allergies to dog hair, but we have had no problems. I do have to have him groomed about every 5 to 6 weeks b/c those curls can get tangly. I could probably avoid the groomer if I would brush him every other day -- but who has time!

We just got our second doodle from the Doodle House, Lizzy an F1B. She is coming along great too. Pictures of both below. Shannon and Stephanie were fantastic to work with both times. VERY trustworthy, very patient with all my questions -- and I emailed constantly. I'm in Memphis, so I really researched all over to find the right breeder with the right dog for us. Very happy with my experience.

Amy Pepke