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The cost of a spay/neutered puppy is $2500.00 plus the cost of shipping, if necessary.  I require a non-refundable $300 deposit to be placed on the waiting list.  I offer my puppies in the order of confirmation of deposit.  If there is not a puppy for you in this litter, your name will be moved to the top of the next litter waiting list.

Effective April 1, 2013, Atlanta Doodles will be increasing the price for a pet companion puppy to $2500.00.  We will be offering a $100 rebate when you return the proof of spay or neuter on your puppy.  All deposits and applications received prior to April 1st will be grandfathered in at the previous price point. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call 770-982-1594 or email us at atlantadoodles@hotmail.com.


Please be advised that I reserve the right to have first pick of puppies that we feel would be potential breeders for Atlanta Doodles.  Sometimes we will hold puppies to evaluate them as they get older, we may be looking for something particular to infuse in our program such as wool coat or a new color.  That said, we occasionally have older puppies available that for one reason or another aren’t going to work for our breeding program, but will still make the most wonderful, family pets.

I also have final say in choice of puppies to buyers.  I do believe that puppies pick the families and not vice versa. We will have a scheduled “Puppy Pick Day” for your family to come out and at this time we encourage you to play and associate with all the puppies.  Experience has shown us that 9 times out of 10 the right puppy will make itself known to you and a love match will follow.

We understand how difficult it can be to wait for your puppy, especially when you are excited about its birth.  But we are confident that you will not be disappointed that you waited for a Multi-Gen Australian Labradoodle from Atlanta Doodles.

Application Process:

  1. Read and Ask Questions. We encourage you to ask lots of questions, please read the information provided on this website and if you still have questions please contact me at atlantadoodles@hotmail.com or call 770-982-1594.

  2. Print and Complete a Puppy Application Form.

  3. Mail the application along with your $300 non-refundable Money Order or Check to:

    Stephanie Martin
    3850 Mink Livsey Rd
    Snellville, GA 30039

  4. Please email us that you have committed to a puppy, your name will be added to the list while we are waiting for the deposit check in the mail.

  5. Once your application has been received and processed, we will apply your deposit to the cost of your puppy.  We will confirm via email that everything has been completed and send you congrats on your decision to be on the Atlanta Doodles Wait List.

  6. You can then begin watching our website for new puppy arrivals, we will send out updates on breeding confirmations and notify you as soon as your puppy is born.

  7. We will schedule, when the puppies are approximately 4-5 weeks old, with you and your family a time for puppy pick day.  We will try to accommodate each family with enough time for this possess so they don’t feel rushed.

  8. Your puppy must be paid in full prior to puppy pick day, we accept only money orders, cash, and wire transfers for final payment of your puppy.  We can not allow for a puppy to go to their forever homes without full payment.  If you are in need of payment plans, please discuss this with us at the time you submit your application and remit deposit.

  9. On puppy pick day you will be required to sign our contract/warranty, please read this completely prior to your visit.

  10. After the puppy has picked his/her forever family, we will arrange with each family a pick up day for their puppy.